Tuesday, July 25, 2006

17 ladies and 9 young ladies attended. Today most of the junior Nimblefingers worked on an ugli doll. A few of them preferred to knit with Betty Smith and later Cathy Yachup. The senior Nimblefingers continued working on the "Star fling" block. Darryl Webb and Katy Bogart (one of the jr. nimblefingers' mom) each made a star from fabric that Alberta Pahl had kindly cut up and donated.
Alberta and her sister Nancy Hopper brought in a gift from their other sister Edith Kilmer and a thank you card for the prayer quilt we had given her. We hope she enjoys it as much as we have enjoyed her company here on Tuesday afternoons.
Next week Louise Claflin will be teaching us to applique using the freezer paper technique. Anyone who wants to come should bring needle, thread, scissors, freezer paper, and some fabric. One large piece for the background and pieces of green for leaves, gold for the center of a flower, and whatever colors for the flower petals. It should be very pretty.
Winnie Childs and her husband Bill and Betsey Hoffman's husband Bob are all having health problems. Our best wishes go with all of them.

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