Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Today we had 15 ladies. Jo Anne has had a professional organizer help her get her sewing room in shape so today she brought in 2 big bags full of fabric. It was mostly kid oriented so we pulled out all of the 1/2 yard and larger pieces and put them aside for the pillowcase people, Ryan's case for smiles. They will be coming to Nimblefingers on Sept. 13th so we will give them the fabric then. Jo Anne can probably get a tax deduction if she asks. The picture is after the rush. I should have taken a before and after picture. Oh well. We also had lots of food today--a real spread.

Darlene brought in a quilt made by her aunt.  It's a victorian lady pattern only recently quilted by someone in Pennsylvania. Very nice.

I brought in my latest to sew on the binding. It's a paper piecting pattern by Jennifer Sampou called Elephant and I. I bought it on the shop hop last year. It seemed like something a little different for me and I liked it. I started the paper piecting at one of our sew days. I kind of like it but now I'm out of pinks. Gonna have to buy some more.

On Sept. 17, 18, 19 Nimblefingers will be at the Voorheesville Library book sale. We will be selling our stuff. If you have items you want to sell please join us.

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