Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Yesterday we were a small group--only 6 of us. We had a nice little chat though and Elaine made great progress on her Christmas placemats cutting out the backing and batting. I brought in some placemats I had made from scraps from my more recent projects. JoAnne brought in some giveaways given to her by a friend. They are in the closet until we have more people to offer it to.
Last week was our Christmas lunch. We had a small group for it too. There were only 10 of us. Joyce came in later and demonstrated how to make a couple of Christmas ornaments. We have way too many members who are at home recuperating right now, but our little group does seem to be shrinking. Hopefully at our open house in February we can recruit some new members. At our holiday lunch we exchanged gifts. I got a very nice tea package from Fran. She made a sweet little teacup wall hanging which will go on my kitchen wall. I went home that night and had a nice cup of tea. Jo Anne and Rosalind got each others' gifts. A beautiful basket for Jo Anne and some hand made cards for Rosalind who told us yesterday she had already started using. That's one way to pass on some beauty and good wishes. Joyce played Santa Claus for us by dealing out the presents. She was late so didn't know who brought what. It was very nice. Ethel was also back with tales of her Hawaiian cruise which turned out to be a free cruise! She did have a tale to tell.
Next week we will still be in the holiday period so we may have low turnout again. But I know Diane will finally have a day off work and is already looking forward to coming to Nimblefingers again. It will be nice to see her again. The time is coming to start making firm plans for our open house so get ready ladies... Put on your thinking caps and come up with suggestions to make this a fantastic open house.

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