Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuesday we had 20 ladies at Nimblefingers. Linda H. brought in her finished punch-quilt picture. She picked it up when the Jacksons brought in all of the freebies and decided to try it out. It turned out very nice. She's going to keep it so that we can put it in our show in February. It's surprisingly lightweight, much easier to make than a quilt, but still looks like a quilt. Because Tuesday was 3 days ago and I had a root canal on Wednesday I don't really remember what else happened on Tuesday. I do know that we had a good time, as usual, and that many of the ladies signed up for the Sue Pritt workshop in September (the 8th). The other picture I am showing here is of the raffle quilt for this year. It was made by the Village Quilters and is made from selvages. It's very bright and fun to put together. The Friends of the Library will begin selling raffle tickets at the book sale which begins on Friday, Sept. 14th. I know I plan to buy a few tickets. It's really quite a unique looking quilt.

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