Thursday, October 13, 2011

14 ladies attended on Tuesday. The big surprise was that Kathy O. is back! She brought her summer projects with her--she's taken up wrapping, that is wrapping fabric around clothesline to make a basket or purse. I've seen it before and think it's really neat but haven't tried it myself. She says she's totally addicted now. She would sit down with an audiobook on her ipad and wrap all afternoon. Sue R. from the Village Quilters came in to show Fran her circles quilt. We all enjoyed seeing it. It's such a simple idea but I haven't seen it before in a show or anyplace. Another lady came in and gave us some great fruit and vegee fabric. Kathy O. thought we ought to make a group quilt out of them and today I got an idea for this quilt so I think next Tuesday I'll put Kathy to work on it. Fran also showed us her 70 yard strip quilt. They work up very fast and easy. The Delmar quilt group is encouraging us to make a bunch for charity.

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