Tuesday, March 16, 2010

18 ladies attended today including 2 new ladies, Jo-Ann and Pam. They attended our open house and wanted to come back to learn the hidden 9-patch II quilt. But today we had a potluck lunch so they didn't get to--they got to eat instead! We had a very nice lunch followed by a show of quilts from the 2010 Tucson quilt show which I attended last January. You could purchase a disc at the quilt show with all of the quilts on it for $10. They mailed it in March. So now I can relive the share and best of all I can share it with my friends! I think that's a really great idea and wonder why more quilt shows don't do it. Marie was wearing some beautiful hand knitted socks she had made. It was a lily of the valley stitch and they were just gorgeous! She says she's going to bring in a quilt next week that will knock all of our socks off! Coming from Marie, I believe it. She has made so many amazing things!

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