Wednesday, March 10, 2010

17 ladies and 1 little girl attended today. Our newest member, June, brought her granddaughter and her lightweight sewing machine to do a little work. Deb joined her with one of our Brothers and worked on her quilt for the Altamont quilt group. They are making what looks to me like a rather complicated sampler quilt. Lots and lots of triangles in it and lots and lots of pieces. Cathy M. is also going to be working on this quilt. I took our raffle quilt home and finished quilting the interior. Now we just need to do the border so I asked Kathy O. if she could take it home and try finishing it on the sewing machine. We've had it around for a long time and it's time to finish it and get on to the next one. Marguerite and I got out the lattice fabric which Fran donated for the prayer quilt so we're almost ready to begin sewing it together. I still am waiting for 1 block to come in. Fran brought in a beautiful small quilt she made that frames the mini-kimonos she had in our display case. Ethel is working away on her cross-stitch Old West Virginia home piece which she wants to finish for the embroidery guild show in April (?). Pat H. was finishing one of her church lap quilts. It was red and yellow--very bright and fun! Marie had finished her crocheted tablecloth and brought that in to show. It was from a French pattern. She had never seen anything like it before so wanted to make it. It has different parts, with different kinds of crochet stitches. Hard to describe but it will be in our show next year and will probably be our showstopper! Agnes was working on a flower applique block that fits into a pieced border. When it is finished it will be a spectacular quilt! I can tell already that next years show will be a great one!

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