Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today we had a very nice potluck lunch for Betsy Hoffman. She and her husband Bob are moving to New Jersey to be closer to her daughter. They've sold their house already and are in the final stages of preparation for moving. She has been bringing in things to give away for the past few weeks to clear out her house. She'll hopefully continue to come to Nimblefingers occasionally until they finally move. But just to make sure we had a chance to give her a proper goodbye we had the potluck today. It was also Sue Reilly's birthday so we sang happy birthday to her. The food was delicious (Fran's bringing in her recipe for ramen noodles and cabbage), the company great and we all had a good time (pictures still to come). Only a few dared to bring out their craft projects. Connie, Cathy and Edith all pulled out their knitting. Marguerite brought out her 4-patch posey to quilt. Louise brought in some pictures of her work and a particularly interesting sculpture she found in New Mexico. Deb brought in a Schlep bag she had made. We were all impressed so I copied the pattern. Maybe we can get Deb to teach us to make it at a later date. I brought in some craft supplies from Katherine Denegar. She's clearing out her house in preparation for a future move. I still have lots more in my car so I will be bringing it out slowly. So a nice time was had by all and the library staff have lots of good leftovers to enjoy!

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