Thursday, June 26, 2008

17 ladies attended this week. Wednesday was Agnes' birthday so Winnie brought in a cake and we all sang happy birthday. I brought in some card-making supplies from Katherine D. for Nancy and Alberta. They were quite excited by this new box of stuff to use in their classes and for their own cards. I pulled out our future raffle quilt and actually made the first bunch of quilting stitches. I didn't get much done in an hour but at least it's started. Marguerite is almost finished with her 4-patch posie. Marguerite just has the best hand quilting stitches! I also reorganized some of our ongoing projects--they have a habit of getting lost in the closet. We put together the blocks for a prayer quilt but didn't think some of the blocks fit in so 3 ladies volunteered to make another block. We should be able to put that one together soon. Then we still have a start on a mile-a-minute quilt top which we need to finish. Plus we have almost enough blocks for another prayer quilt. And finally, we need to lay out and count how many blocks have been made so far on our raffle quilt for 2009 or 10(?). It's so much quicker and so much more fun to piece them than it is to hand quilt them.

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