Tuesday, January 15, 2008

10 ladies attended today. Kathy O. arrived first eager to try out her square-in-a-square ruler. Agnes and Winnie came armed with fabric determined to leave with a specific simple quilt pattern planned and maybe begun by the end of the afternoon. Winnie is determined to make a baby quilt for a friend so they left with squares cut and were hitting a fabric store on the way home. Pat O. was working on last year's Flying Geese block-a-month quilt. Cathy M. had brought hers in finished last week which was just the nudge Pat needed to finish hers. We were surprised to have a visit from Elaine L. who hasn't come for awhile. School starts again next week so she decided to drop in and say hello. She came with giveaway fabric from which I took and armload from but asked her to donate somewhere else as we just cleaned out our closet and don't want to fill it up again so soon. She and Cathy Y. were our knitters today. Betsey also joined us with 2 almost finished prayer quilts for her church. She keeps very busy making prayer quilts and comes out with some pretty nice ones. Next week I will be away but please meet without me. I'll be back the week after that.

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