Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today we had 14 ladies at Nimblefingers and I put them to work. I needed to clean out our closet so with a lot of help from Deb we unloaded a bunch of fabric. Our closet looks much better now. Fran, Cathy M. and I sewed labels on our raffle quilt and the 3 lap quilts then fearless Deb hung them all up. I'll keep them up for a few weeks then deliver them to Sue Kidder for the seniors. Pat brought in a cake today and she brought in one last week which I froze and put out today so we had a lot of cake. It was Ann Bave's birthday so we would have celebrated but she didn't come so we didn't. We took up a collection to donate to the Methodist Church and Kiwanis in the name of Bill Childs. We were all saddened by the news of his passing. Word is that Winnie is holding up well so I'll hope we'll see her back in the group soon. Everyone is starting to talk holidays--the time has come when we all get busy with our families!

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