Tuesday, November 06, 2007

16 ladies attended today. Diana Marshall from the Gloversville Sewing Center came to teach us how to use our sewing machines. She ended up giving us many quilting and sewing tips as well. It was a surprise to us just how many things we can do with our machines! We also learned that many of us do things the wrong way, use the wrong supplies, etc. It was a learning experience. Home Economics class was a long time ago and all of the tools have changed so it was nice to get some of this new information. We spent most of the afternoon learning the tricks of our sewing machines. Otherwise, Cathy M. brought some scrumptious Apricot nut bars, Fran showed us the quilt she is working on (I don't remember the name of the pattern but it looked like an easy one), Deb and I discussed the problems of dealing with adult children, and I don't really know what else went on but we had a good time as usual. Cathy Y. is wondering how big her quilt needs to be to cover a queen size bed so I found some info about that to give her next week. Plus next week we need to spend some time cleaning out the closet! The fabric and the batting both seem to multiply so it's time to start weeding!

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