Tuesday, September 25, 2007

17 ladies attended today. We got out the sewing machines and made mile-a-minute blocks. Several people didn't know how to do it so we could teach them while using up some of our scraps, getting practice using the machines and making blocks for lap quilts. Marguerite did most of the teaching. Meanwhile, Agnes and I tied one of the finished lap quilts. We now have 2 finished donation lap quilts. Gail Sacco, the director came in and showed us the DVD library commercial starring our own Betty Smith! It's a nice little film and really casts the library in a good light--as an extension of family. She also reminded us to fill out our library surveys, which
several people filled out. Kathy Connors also came in and promoted a healthy living workshop that is being taught at the senior center. Cathy Maikoff treated us with some homemade blueberry muffins. We were an active group today getting a lot accomplished.

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