Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Only 11 attended today, two young ladies and a young man (Pat's grandson). Laura Di Virgilio made her pillowcase, received her license to sew and still had time left over so made a small quilt! Pat's granddaughter Sophie also tried out the sewing machines and made a pieced pillowtop. The talk among the ladies began with apples, apple pie and what kind of apple to use for pies, then on to toilet training. Laura and I did a little snickering listening to the potty talk. Grandchildren are always a favorite topic though among the ladies. We are beginning to think about getting back to our prayer quilts. We have several members with seriously ill family members and other members going in for surgery. Was it Bette Davis who said "getting old is not for sissies." She had that right. I'm off next week to visit my mother. I'm looking forward to visiting the quilt shop down there and teaching my little sister the 4-patch posy block. So I won't be blogging until 8/28. Have fun next week!

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