Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We had a small group today--only 12 ladies. But it was a special day because Karine Abalyan from the Spotlight came to interview us for a feature column in the Spotlight! We're going to be famous! (at least locally). It's nice to be recognized as the friendly, creative group that we are. So, watch for the Spotlight! Today Daryl and I brought in the 2 prayer quilts we are making. They have been anchored down and are ready to tie. Linda Crannell came in with 4 quilts that needed to be sandwiched and Daryl had 1 to sandwich so there was lots of pinning going on. Back at the table Alberta and Nancy continued working on their card embroidery, Marguerite, Agnes and Pat with their hand-piecing, Ethel with her embroidery, Betty with her knitting and Marie decided to take a day off and just come for a visit. Agnes brought in some strawberry bread which was delicious. Lew Schedlbauer brought in some more scrap batting to be used for future prayer quilts. Thanks again Lew! And I pulled out all of the boxes of donated fabric and magazines hoping that people would take them away. Our little closet is getting too full!

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