Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We had a small group today--13 ladies. Betty, Sue, Edith and Marie were all knitting. Marguerite made the last block needed for a quilt. Alberta resurrected her rainbow quilt and was quilting that. I pulled out the future raffle quilt to quilt with some help from Marguerite. Agnes was working on her Irish chain quilt. Marie brought in her finished 4-patch posie pillow. She used fish fabric and it ended up looking like an abstract design. It's a very cool pattern. Wanda Knapp dropped by with a reference question which Jean Kallop was able to answer. She needed to know how to make a fabric book cover. Jean's made several so was willing to give advice. Daryl was making a binding for her granddaughter's art quilt. And Linda was working on one of her interesting baskets. So a small group but a nice day anyway.

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Keep up the good work.