Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today was a joint day with the Junior Nimblefingers. We had 17 ladies and 11 young ladies. What a day! The kids designed small personal quilts then we sewed down the pieces. We had 5 sewing machines going with other adults helping with the designing and the embellishing. Several of the ladies brought their granddaughters. I think we all had a good time--the noise level was high! All of the quilts made were fantastic! Some very creative kids in the bunch. And now for the regular Nimblefingers news. Darryl brought in a card she received addressed to her and Pat Hammond thanking them for making pillowcases for a sick child. Darryl is very interested in doing more community work of that sort so we will discuss that next week. Darryl also brought in some fabric that will work as sashing for another prayer quilt so now we have 2 quilts ready to put together. Kathy Olsen and friends continued the quilting bee on the raffle quilt. She says they do more talking than quilting but that's just fine. That's one of the goals of the group is to bring people together. Lots of good food today and lots of fun.

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