Tuesday, April 24, 2007

20 ladies attended today and we had lots of show and share. Pat brought in a prayer quilt to tie, Betsey brought in an almost finished quilt top she was making for her husband (Irish chain), Kathy O. brought in a blue and white quilt (atypical for her--the Thimbleberries lady), Betty brought in her 4 patch posie quilt top, and Linda brought in a quilted bag which she will demonstrate next week. So if you want to make one, bring in a bound 22" pre-quilted square. She will show us how to sew and fold it to make a nice medium-sized bag. There was much discussion about the Delmar Q.U.I.L.T. show last weekend. We were all very impressed. Fran brought in pictures of her husband building houses in Mexico, Julie told about her 2-days in San Francisco, and everyone enjoyed eating the delicious apple cake Daryl brought to share. Cathy Y. brought in garlic from her garden to give away. Marguerite reported on Hattie who has ongoing health problems. We all wish her well. Cathy M. says next week she's bring Katherine Denegar for a visit. We all enjoy seeing her so that's something to look forward to. Slowly our snowbirds are returning home. Linda this month, Jean next month and someday I assume Margot will return. Welcome home and welcome back to Nimblefingers!

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