Tuesday, December 05, 2006

18 ladies attended today (one being a 4th grade lady). Marion Parmenter brought in a quilt she has just finished. The original appliqued butterfly pieces were made by her grandmother. They were passed down to her and she put them together into a quilt, embroidered and hand quilted. It will be given to her daughter. It was a lovely quilt with wonderful old fabrics some of which may very well have been feed sacks. In contrast, the crazy quilt that I brought in for show and share was made for a scrap challenge. I was given a bag of scraps and had to make something from them. I made a crazy landscape of an unknown planet. It was fun to make but is very silly. I have been trying to plan for our quilt show in February and am giving weekly handouts to the ladies to gather information that I can make into handouts for our open house. An ongoing process.

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