Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Last week we held our open house for our quilt and craft show. It was very well attended and we all had a good time. We did the bed turning thing again. People seem to like that little show because they actually hear something about the quilts and we all like stories. Tina's son Joe came in a took some pictures. I'm hoping he shares them with us. The food we had was particularly great. I know the library staff loved it!
This week we had a small group again, about 9 of us. The weather was icky. We had a nice time anyway though. Since it's school break week Diane got to join us again.
Last night I had a call from Maria--Marie's daughter. She misses reading the blog since I've been so lax about it so I'm going to try to keep it up again. Sorry Maria. I'm glad you still enjoy reading it.
Here are some pictures from the quilt show. Fran has been very productive this year--2 big quilts! Her husband says he lives in a quilt factory and I think I believe him!  I'll put in more pictures in other blogs.

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