Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yesterday 13 ladies attended. It was a very quiet group. We were all recovering from the long weekend I guess. The highlight of the meeting was from Pat L. and Linda who made a trip to Corning last week and made 3 different glass pieces each. They made a pendant, an ornament and a sculpture. The ornament and sculpture were both blown glass, the pendant pressed.  Pat's pieces were blue (her favorite color), Linda's were more autumn-y earthy colors, purple, yellow and green. All of the pieces were beautiful. They love making these things and are already planning another trip in September. The other ladies were all busy too. Marguerite was knitting a prayer shawl out of a pretty red/pink color; Jean K. was appliquing flower blocks; Pat OR was doing wool applique; Fran was putting a binding on a batik table runner; I actually appliqued a couple of pieces on my columbine piece; Joyce was making cross-stitch snowflakes; and Cathy M. walked around and admired everyone's work. I said there were 13 ladies but I can only think of these 9 so maybe the 13 is wrong. I know it was particularly quiet. Marguerite also brought in some cherry tomato plants to give away. They went fast!

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