Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Finally, I've got Marie's birthday pictures! Here they are... Like I said before, we all had a good time and I think Marie will remember this birthday and the many parties she had for a long time.
This Tuesday we had 17 ladies attend. Marie brought in some of her braided rugs to show us. She makes them out of polyester fabric so they are indestructible. She showed us how she makes them, one with a funny looking thick, bent needle, another with an old toothbrush handle. She says that toothbrush handle is the most dear tool she owns because she and her husband made it. Marie is so talented. We can all take a lesson from her. Our other great teacher, Sandie, taught us how to make a knot in knitting or crochet yarn that will absolutely not come undone and that doesn't have tails that have to be woven into the piece. She called it a miracle knot and it truly was. I think that knot was new even to Marie! Sue R. was back from her winter in South Carolina. Betty should be back soon. Our winter snow birds are starting to fly home. I brought in a quilt which had been donated and Sue and I began tying it. I told the ladies that earlier that morning I had gone to get my hair cut and the beauty salon was selling the swirly scarves they've all been making for $30. I don't know if the salon was taking a cut (one of their customers made them) but $30 is alot when you can get 3 scarves out of 1 skein of yarn!

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