Tuesday, May 03, 2011

16 ladies attended today. Daryl was back. We all assumed she was off visiting family but it turns out she was in the hospital and quite sick! Fortunately she pulled through and is back now, sewing up a storm! Winnie brought in a fabric postcard she had received from Jean K. who is still in Florida. It was a beautiful postcard so I hope that Jean will have us all making them when she returns. I pulled out all of the blocks we have made in the past from our closet to see what we have. We have the start of 3 prayer quilts. So people are going to go home and either stitch up some more 12 1/2 in. blocks or bring in their "orphan" blocks to see if we can use them. I'm determined to get these little quilts made up and out of the closet. Marguerite pulled out the sewing machine and sewed together 3 more rows of our future raffle quilt. I sewed together 2 rows and Marguerite took all rows home to sew together and iron. This is going to be a very attractive quilt I think. Ethel showed us her purchases from a quilt shop in Florida. She's expecting a new grandson so bought some "I spy" type fun fabrics. June is off to Florida next week to visit her family. It's amazing how many connections to Florida there are in our little group.

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