Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We had 20 ladies yesterday! A big group with lots of talking. I passed around a piece of paper and asked everyone to tell me what they are putting in the quilt show. I can tell already that it's going to be another great show! Deb came yesterday with her surviving dog, Alya. Both of them are recovering from the loss of Debs' other dog. New member Elaine cut up the last of the musical fabrics for her quilt with a little help from Kathy O. I brought in a nametag for the raffle quilt and sewed that on. It took me the whole 2 hours because I kept getting interrupted! Deb wanted help picking out DVDs, Winnie needed a new author, Fran and Deb needed help with the copier, and we were out of mini-moos! What a day! Pat H. brought in some give-aways and I pulled out some fabric I had tucked away. What was left I gave to the Odyssey of the Mind kids who meet after our group. They were delighted! I might start giving them some scraps more often. Sue R. came in to pack away the little dresses for Africa. We won't be delivering them until Feb. 3rd, the night of the Village Quilters meeting so you still have time to make some. Sue said our 2 groups had made 60 dresses! She was thrilled! It was a fun project so I was glad that Sue suggested it to us.

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