Thursday, August 19, 2010

16 ladies attended Nimblefingers this week. I wasn't among them. I was off taking care of some family business. So I don't know what happened at the meeting. I see that Ethel is back from her Ireland/England vacation so I assume she talked about that. Other than that, I don't know what they would have done. Instead I'll talk about the quilt show bus trip that Deb and I took last Friday. We went to Lowell, Mass. to a quilt show and to the New England quilt museum. The museum is very nice. It is in a converted factory building. They don't have many quilts on display but they have a great library and the gift shop has plenty to look at. The show on display when we were there was Broderie Perse. We both assumed it would be all antique quilts so were surprised that all but a few were made recently. I really didn't know anyone did Broderie Perse anymore. They were all nice quilts but that style is not my thing. The gift shop with Japanese and African fabric for sale was more interesting to me. I bought a magazine with an interview with Rosalie Dace who I saw last year at "Quilting by the lake." I really admired her class so I'm eager to read this interview. The quilt show was not as large as the Vermont show by a long shot. The main items of interest to me were the number of hand quilted pieces and the whole cloth machine quilted pieces. The hand quilted pieces were incredible! Very elaborate with trapunto, stippling, lots of quilting! Two whole cloth white quilts were the stars of the show to Deb and I. The whole cloth machine quilted pieces were quilted in colored thread. I don't think I've seen quilts like this before but I found that I really didn't like them. I was surprised by how unattractive I thought they were. The machine quilting was exquisite but I just didn't want to look at them. I was surprised at myself. The quilts in the show were much more traditional than what I like to make but it was still a very nice show. We had a good day and I didn't even spend as much money as I usually do at shows!

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