Tuesday, April 13, 2010

19 ladies attended today. Pat H. brought in some floss to tie Daryl's quilt with so we made fast work of that. Next week I'll do a little stitching-in-the-ditch to help secure it, then put on the binding. We had a big surprise today: 2 of our Florida snowbirds returned--Linda O'C and Cathy C. It was very nice to see them again. They are both eager to start some serious art quilting. Marguerite is limping a bit. She hurt her foot in a freak accident and the doctor isn't sure whether she has a broken bone in her foot or not. Kathy O. had a surprise visitor this weekend: Betsy H. Betsey has sold her condo in N.J. and is going to get an apartment at Pheasant Run here. She had to go to N.J. first to do the paperwork but she is looking forward to seeing all of her Voorheesville friends when she returns. Deb asked for some advice in putting a border on her Grandmother's Flower garden quilt. It's hard to believe that she's made it this far with the quilt because it has definitely been making her crazy! Hexagons are not easy to work with! Cathy Y. and Deb helped newcomer Jo-Ann get the knots out of her yarn. She is knitting what will be a beautiful shawl but the yarn was causing some difficulty. It's great to have a group where people are willing to help you un-knot your yarn.

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