Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 ladies attended yesterday. Aly and Jackson continued sewing the binding on a camp quilt. Jackson took it home and finished it herself. She brought it in today and it looks great! Congratulations Jackson (age 9)! Several others of us pinned and tied another quilt top that I had made. We then finished tying the quilt we had pinned 2 weeks ago. I have taken both of them home to sew on bindings. Joyce L., the children's librarian, made a quilt top too. We'll pin it next week. With the addition of several quilts from the Village Quilters I think we're about up to 23 finished quilts for the camp. We will be turning them in on Sept. 9th so if you're thinking about making more there's still time! Louise brought in a wall hanging her sister-in-law had made her to celebrate her (Louise's) wedding anniversary. The hanging had wedding pictures incorporated in it. Louise says she's a beginning quilter but she did a great job! Rosemary tells us she's moving to Voorheesville from Altamont soon. And this week Hattie was back. We haven't seen her for awhile. Unfortunately, I'm over working on the quilts so I don't get to hear everyone's news.

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