Thursday, July 02, 2009

We had 13 ladies attending this week. It was a busy week. Cathy Y., Agnes and Marie were all knitting. Pat H. had Marie show her how to knit the Continental way. Cathy M. and I were sewing bindings on quilts. Pat O'R brought in some pieces to sew together for a quilt block but couldn't remember how they fit together. It was an interesting puzzle but even when we all put our heads together we couldn't figure it out. Linda O'C, Sue, Hope and Betty were all making rings out of garbage bags. They cut thin strips, braided them together and tied it around their fingers. A cute little project they can teach their grandkids. Pat H. was working on prayer quilts. Fran was appliquing leaves. The highlight of the day was Marie's show and share. She brought in a pineapple quilt she had finished recently. It was exquisite as you can see in the picture. She also brought in some tatting that she has done. She is such a talented lady!

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