Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today was our Open House for our show. 43 people attended, 16 of us and 27 of visitors. That's not too bad. We had lots of good food as usual, beautiful quilts, and this year Kathy O. demonstrated the Hidden 9-patch and Fran demonstrated ruching. Several of the visitors looked familiar. I think some of them return to our open house every year. We'll see if our group expands after this year's show. I'll put on some more pictures when they become available.

New additions for the open house only were Fran's handbag, my wild faces quilt top, Winnie's red, white and blue lap quilt top, and the group's mile-a-minute quilt top. Other new additions to the show were Agnes' poinsettia wall hanging, Laura DiVirgilio, one of the Jr. Nimblefingers, brought in her 9-patch quilt, and Marie's golfer.

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Margot said...

Loved the show, Julie. My best to everyone.