Wednesday, March 28, 2007

12 ladies attended today. Hattie Kline sent us a thank you note for the prayer quilt we gave her. Hopefully she will find out soon what is making her sick. Cathy Maikoff brought in some quilt blocks for Cathy Yachup and others to arrange for her. Kathy Olsen tried out the standing hoop for quilting but learned that she didn't really like working on it. Several ladies laid out some other quilt blocks to see if we could make another prayer quilt out of them. Pat took home several big pieces of fabric to wash so they could be used in our prayer quilts. Deb came with tools to cut out pieces for her placemat. Marguerite and Pat Orourke were both hand-piecing blocks, Marie Russell was appliquing hawaiian blocks and Julie was finishing up her Sudoku quilt. On the other hand, Betty Smith was knitting more dishrags trying to use up her yarn and Edith was working on the child's needlepoint piece. Lots of food with Pat Hammond back from vacation--more food than people today. It was a quiet group but as always a good time was had by all.

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