Tuesday, August 22, 2006

16 ladies attended today. The maintenance crew washed the carpet in the community room early this morning and it hadn't dried yet so we met in the backyard. We had 2 tables set up plus the library benches. Fortunately it was a beautiful day so it was actually a nice change of pace. Last Saturday Margot and I visited Katherine Denegar and gave her the lap quilt we made. She loved it! She very nearly burst into tears! In return she gave us all of her fabric stash. So today all of the ladies attending sorted through fabric and took some home. Hopefully we will be seeing some projects with Katherine's fabric in them. If you read this, thank you Katherine! You are very kind and generous! Julie asked the group today if they would like to split the library raffle quilt project with the Village Quilters who will begin meeting at the library starting in September. We all agreed that it would be okay if we took turns making the raffle quilt so this year the Village Quilters can donate the quilt and next year we will. Our community is lucky to have 2 groups right here to supply them with chances on beautiful handmade quilts.

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