Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I finally made it back to the group. I'm still not 100% but better anyway. Today we had 9 ladies and 2 grandchildren. Ethel brought her grandson Hunter and Rosalind her granddaughter Lucy. Lucy and Elaine became great playmates during the meeting.  I brought in the raffle quilt and Sue took it home to put on the binding and to see if she could fix the 2 tucks on the backing that are most obvious. It's a beautiful scrap quilt...I just wished my quilting was better. Pat OR brought in a quilt top and back to pin. It was a very pretty batik quilt. Rosalind helped Sue to knit a strong cord for a bag. Agnes was binding one of her pretty watercolor wall hangings. I also wore my new jacket made in a class at Amelia's Garden. It's made from Kaffe Fassett fabric so is very bright. Marguerite finished binding another quilt for the hospital. Ethel is doing some hand embroidery on a quilt she is making for one of her granddaughters. Rosalind was embroidering something as well. We were a small group on this rainy day but I was glad to be back with everyone.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I missed Nimblefingers again. Two weeks in a row. This cold, or whatever it is, is really terrible. It's been almost 2 full weeks now and I still feel awful. And I hear there was a good show and tell on Tuesday. Debbie, one of the librarians, said she took some pictures. I'm sorry I missed it. On Monday I was determined to get back to work (on sewing of course). When I don't feel well all I really want to do is play with little pieces of fabric. When I last sewed I had been machine quilting and I knew I didn't have the energy for that. And my sewing room is a mess right now with no clear space for fabric cutting. I knew I also didn't have the energy for cleaning either. So I grabbed my box of 1 1/2" squares and played with them. I am still infatuated with the plus sign scrap quilt I made so I arranged my little squares into plus signs. I had enough for 1 placemat. Then I got out my 3 1/2" squares and made a bunch of plus sign placemats with them. When I no longer had enough of the same fabric squares to make a plus sign I started making 4-patches. I put 6 4-patches together to make more placemats. So I made 11 placemats all together. It used up a lot of my squares, some big pieces of ugly scrap fabric for the backs, and a lot of my old scrap batting. I like to make an accounting of how much of my stash gets used up in projects. I always seem to bring in more than I use up but there is still satisfaction in using up some of my stash. Tomorrow I am supposed to go to Amelia's Garden to get some help finishing my jacket since I missed class last week. I hope I'm feeling well and I really hope I'm not contagious. Then on Saturday I'm meeting Julie Ann Fortran and Linda Crannell for breakfast. Linda is in town for the Old Songs festival. I know some of you remember Betty Smith. She was one of the treasured quilters in my life. Linda is her grand-daughter. Julie Ann, Linda and I all went to the Houston International quilt festival together (the 1st time I went). We had a great time so it's nice to get together again. Since Linda moved away we don't get to see her often. I'm glad she contacts us when she does come for a visit. Again, I hope I'm not contagious. I'm hoping for better health so I can get back to my nimble friends. It's been way too long.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I didn't go to Nimblefingers today so I don't know what went on. I'm home, sick in bed. I guess it's just a really bad cold but whatever it is, I feel dreadful. I was prepared to go though. I quilted the raffle quilt on Saturday. It only has a few little tucks so I was going to let the ladies look at it and see if they think it's okay to raffle. If so, I got the binding ready and was going to recruit someone to take it home and sew on the binding. It's getting close to being finished anyway. Then I'll look at our other quilt to raffle. It needs a border. I bought a couple on the shop hop I wanted to look at as possible borders. If I think they would work I'll take them to the group to get their opinion. I also bought some possible backings we can look at. This quilt I think should be partly machine quilted but it has big areas that I think we should hand quilt. Maybe we can get it ready for next year.
Hopefully I'll be better next Tuesday and can make it to the meeting.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

June 9, 2015

Hurrah! My blog is working! So that means I have to start writing in it again regularly. More work for me! Today is Tuesday and I'm back from Nimblefingers.  I counted the ladies twice and forgot twice how many attended. It was a good crowd anyway. Tina is getting ready to leave for the North country but Diane C. is back from the South.  Somehow it kind of evens out. Today I brought in our raffle quilt which we started about 4 years ago. It was lost in my sewing room for a couple of years but I pulled it out this year determined to get it finished. I didn't think it was big enough so we added more blocks. Then we sandwiched it and I took it home to machine quilt. I have been practicing machine quilting but haven't worked on a quilt as big as this one. Everyone thought it should be quilted on the diagonal and I have only practiced vertical and horizontal grids. I started quilting and was feeling very cocky when I turned it over and looked at the back. It had many, many, some very large tucks! So I started ripping out the quilting. I ripped and ripped then thought I'd iron it and see if I could straighten it out. But it was too big to put on the ironing board to straighten so I took it to the meeting today. No one thought I should rip out all of the quilting which is what I thought I should do. They thought I should quilt the diagonals in one direction only--not in a grid. This meant doing minimal un-sewing. Then we used some spray and bond to hold the sandwich together and straightened it out again. It's home now waiting for me to try again on the machine quilting. I, of course, think the quilt needs to be close to perfect but everyone says not to be so critical. If it looks too bad we can just raffle it among ourselves. What a nightmare! I will be so glad to finish it and get it out of my house!
Ethel came in with fabric and stories about her shop hopping. Jo Anne with fabric and stories about our shop hopping. I didn't bring in my fabric since I'm only focused on the raffle quilt. Maybe next week I'll bring in mine. Trudy brought in some hot pads someone gave her. They were crocheted and very nice. She had been shown how to make them but couldn't remember how. No one else could figure it out either so Trudy's going to work on it on her own. Betty brought in the pin cushion we had made in the Village Quilter meeting. It is cute and very easy to make. Some of us might make some more. Fran brought in a finished cat quilt. It was all black and white with the cats' tails quilted in (by Linda Denner of course). It was really cute. Tomorrow is Jo Anne's birthday so Tina brought in a card for all of us to sign and some cupcakes to help celebrate. Happy birthday Jo Anne!
So, welcome back to my blog. I'll try to keep it going this time!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today 16 ladies attended, two of which were new to the group. As we were leaving last week 2 ladies from the scrapbooking group (which meets after us) expressed interest in Nimblefingers so we encouraged them to come. They did and seemed very happy with the group. Jo-Anne is still cleaning out her craft room and brought in 3 bins of books, card making supplies and miscellaneous sewing items. Needless to say, we are very happy to help her with her project. We left what was left for the scrapbookers to look at and put away. Jean showed us her Christmas tree wall hanging which was absolutely beautiful! It's just a little tree, all decorated with tiny ornaments, a small red border and gold binding. It was very well done. Just beautiful! I brought in a couple more placemats I've made trying to use up my purple and yellow scraps from my Village quilters challenge. One of the new members, Carole, showed us an entire alphabet of cross-stitch teddy bear letters. They are very cute and will make a nice little quilt. Pat L. brought in the basket she restored. It originally came full of Linda O'Connor fabric and was quite crumbly. But Pat fixed it up like new. I claimed the basket first thing so when Pat said she wanted to take it home and fix it I thought that was great. I plan to give her a quilt. A fair trade for our separate labors. Tomorrow Jo-Anne and I are going to visit Marie at the nursing home. She is apparently not doing very well and is extremely unhappy about being sent to a nursing home. I hope we can cheer her up a little. We'll let you know.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yesterday 13 ladies attended. It was a very quiet group. We were all recovering from the long weekend I guess. The highlight of the meeting was from Pat L. and Linda who made a trip to Corning last week and made 3 different glass pieces each. They made a pendant, an ornament and a sculpture. The ornament and sculpture were both blown glass, the pendant pressed.  Pat's pieces were blue (her favorite color), Linda's were more autumn-y earthy colors, purple, yellow and green. All of the pieces were beautiful. They love making these things and are already planning another trip in September. The other ladies were all busy too. Marguerite was knitting a prayer shawl out of a pretty red/pink color; Jean K. was appliquing flower blocks; Pat OR was doing wool applique; Fran was putting a binding on a batik table runner; I actually appliqued a couple of pieces on my columbine piece; Joyce was making cross-stitch snowflakes; and Cathy M. walked around and admired everyone's work. I said there were 13 ladies but I can only think of these 9 so maybe the 13 is wrong. I know it was particularly quiet. Marguerite also brought in some cherry tomato plants to give away. They went fast!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

15 ladies attended yesterday. I came late. My car had a dead battery but AAA was quickly on the job! Also, I had jury duty this week but fortunately for me, it only lasted one day. They called my number but the lawyers didn't want me on the jury so I was dismissed. Good for another 6 years!  Maria, Marie's daughter from California, came in to give us some more of Marie's books of patterns and to give us an update on Marie's condition. Apparently Marie is not doing too well. I guess they were quite worried last week. But now she is in the Baptist health center in Scotia. She will stay there for a couple of weeks. Then they will decide whether she can go in assisted living or to a nursing home. She wanted to go back to her little apartment but I guess that's not an option. She misses us so I'm sure she would love to get cards or phone calls. Back to Nimblefingers... I brought in my projects from my two workshops with Diane S. Hire at the Delmar QUILT group. They were fun workshops so I hope my projects end up reflecting that. Linda H. was putting the binding on a Christmas tree wall hanging that we were all very impressed with. After the binding she will decorate the tree with various buttons and beads. Linda has been very productive this year. She might just show us all up with all of her works in the February show. Newcomer Rosalind has been cro-hooking with the help of Tina and has a really good start on a pretty green and cream colored afghan. Jo-Anne bought a sashiko kit at the Somers quilt show but the thread was so tangled that she needed some help from Cathy Y. to make a ball of it.  Linda H. and Pat L. are going back to Corning to make some more glass pieces--2 techniques this time. In a week or two we should be able to see their new pieces.  Jackie S. came in with a friend, Barbara, who has made her first quilt with help from a friend and needed some more help on making a binding for it. She said she will come back next week and I'll help her with her binding. Elaine S. has made a few table runners in the same pattern. Jean K. told her she seems to be in a rut and needs to try a new pattern. So Jean, Winnie and Agnes talked her into trying the exploding pineapple pattern. I brought in the book today to give copies of the pattern to Betty K. so also gave a copy to Elaine. Tina told us that Kathy O. has gone north for the summer. Tina will follow in a couple more weeks.  Betty K. has been baking again and brought in some of her delicious biscotti. She's bringing the recipe in for Fran next week and I might just have to make a copy even though I really don't bake anymore. They are sooo good!