Tuesday, April 08, 2014

We had a nice, chatty group of women today. 17 of us attended. I was gone last week so was pleasantly surprised to see that Betty K. had returned from her winter home in South Carolina. She had everyone at her end of the table making t-shirt necklaces. They were very simple to make and looked pretty darn nice. I can see that Agnes will be making a lot for the  church bazaar and that Betty and Sue will make a lot for the Apple Festival. Last week I attended a workshop with quilt artist Rayna Gilman at the Hudson Valley Studio Art workshop in Greenville. It was great fun! Rayna's technique is very improvisational. There are no rules, no right way or wrong way, no mistakes. You just cut, sew, cut again, look at it this direction and that direction, re-arrange the pieces and look again. Then when you like what you have you sew it all together. It was a ball! We had 12 women there from as far away as Alaska. Barbara M. and I were the only local people attending. Rayna really opened your eyes to all the possibilities of improvisation so I imagine I'll be bringing in some more of my artworks. I brought in the top I created at the workshop. I know that art quilts are not to everyone's taste but it's what I want to do so I'm going to try some more unusual things for the time being. I also brought in my retirement quilt: a scrap rainbow star hexagon. After I retired I went home and started making it. I think of rainbows as being good luck so this quilt is my wish to myself for good luck in my retirement. Tina, Jo-Anne, Cathy M., Joyce and I all attended the Empire quilt show in Shenendahowa on Sunday. We all bought a little something and Tina came in with a top for a baby quilt completed except for an outside border. She had bought some cute fabric with animals on it and has a friend who is having a baby so she went home and got busy. Our new member, Rosalind, brought in a newly made cro-hook so that Tina could teach her to make a cro-hook afghan. Cro-hooked afghans are double sided and very warm. Joyce is trying to catch up on all of our old projects so she made some tape measure bags. They're fun and easy and the tape measure closure makes it fun to open and close. Fran brought in some redwork magazines for Joyce to look at since Joyce finished her red quilt with 4 redwork blocks included. Our group is really great for sharing and for teaching each other new techniques. Agnes and Rosalind both brought in cakes today so we all went home happy and well fed.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I have been very delinquent about writing in this blog. The whole month of February has gone by without a post and February is our big month: it is the month of our annual quilt and craft show. As usual, we had a great show. The community room looked bright and cheery and full of color during this bleak, snowy month. We had our open house a few weeks ago. About 50 people attended which is about what we usually get. Kathy O. demonstrated the simple pineapple block and JoAnne C. demonstrated the Accuquilt Go. We had another bed turning show with quite a few quilts, some old and some new. I think it was a very successful day and we have gained a couple of new members as a result. I will try to start putting the pictures in soon. Today we took the show down. It always comes down quicker than it goes up! We tallied the votes on our challenge table runner and Sue Reilly won with her beautiful Christmas table runner. Congratulations Sue! We had at least 100 votes turned in so I think the public enjoyed the opportunity to participate in our show. Now we need to start thinking about next year's challenge so keep your eyes open for good patterns!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

9 ladies attended today. It was really cold outside so I was surprised that even 9 came. We have had a two week break since the library was closed on Tuesday, Dec. 24 and Tuesday, Dec. 31 so we haven't seen each other for awhile. I know I missed everyone but somehow I managed to be busy enough that I didn't get together with anyone over the break. Pat L. came in today with a pile of newly finished items. She made a short table runner in our challenge pattern. She says she's making a longer one too. It is much simpler so I hope a lot of people make them. She has also been doing some embroidered wool work. She made a beautiful bird candle mat, a small candy cane mat, and a very cute Christmas stocking. I hope they will all be in our February show. Kathy O. was very excited today. Not only has Downton Abbey started again, but she has purchased the fabric and downloaded the patterns to make a Downton Abbey quilt out of Downton Abbey fabric. Andover has created a line of fabrics for 4 of the different female characters. They will try to feature some of the fabrics this season on the show so we'll have to look carefully at the costumes. Kathy bought the Sibyl line of fabrics which were a little brighter and more fun than that of Violet and Mary. Edith's line was also colorful but Kathy preferred Sibyl's fabric. It's always fun to see Kathy so excited about something. She will begin by working on a mystery quilt created by the Joyful Quilter shop. Unfortunately, they didn't have in stock all of the fabric she needs but I bet Kathy finds those blocks she can make now and have them ready next week! Kathy also brought in her second One-block Wonder quilt. She made two this summer and they are quite spectacular. Tina brought in an almost finished sampler quilt--she was working on the binding. We're getting some sneak previews of what will be in our February show. Our old friend Elaine L. was back today too with her spinning wheel. She was spinning yarn made of silk and cashmere. We all had to pet it and ooh and aah over it. I hope next week the weather is better and we have a bigger turnout. We need to do some serious discussing and planning about the quilt show.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

18 ladies attended today. Deb brought in her quilt and she and I finished sewing down the binding. Jo-Ann continued working on her scarf but late in the afternoon she started un-knitting it! Fran was knitting a hat. Pat L. had started embroidering a wool candle mat with a bird on a branch. It was very cute. Sandie passed around pictures of her new baby granddaughter--Elke Apple. She is a very cute little baby. Hattie brought her friend Heidi with her today. Heidi and Marguerite worked together at Macy's. Ethel is making a cross-stitch Christmas stocking for her new grandbaby. Please let me know next week if you plan to attend our Christmas lunch at the Grapevine. Deb, Jo-Ann and I are driving and I hope we each have full cars.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

13 ladies attended Nimblefingers yesterday.  I brought in several show and tell items: a twin size scrap quilt I made a couple of years ago and finally got around to binding; a quilt begun in an Accuquilt workshop; and a modern quilt made with a charm pack. I also brought in my Fiesta Day of the Dead quilt which I was going to work on---sewing on the binding. But Deb brought in her big Lone Star quilt and wanted help tying it so I did that instead. Cathy Y came in late and brought her daughter Natasha. It's always nice to see her again. Winnie had expressed an interest in going to the Grapevine in Cobleskill for our Christmas lunch. So I called them up and made a reservation. Unfortunately, it sounds like no one else is that interested in going that far for lunch. I'll take a vote when we have more attendance. I had also spoken to Elaine about having her husband prepare another travel talk show so we thought we could have a pot luck lunch in January where Bob could show us his Nova Scotia pictures. He's a good narrator so it's fun to hear and see his pictures. Fran was working on a large appliqued quilt top. Pat OR was making placemats. Jo-Anne is knitting a scarf. Pat L. was making another scarf. Linda was also knitting but I'm not sure what she was making. After the meeting Deb and Pat L. accompanied me to Marie's house to check on her. She was very tired. Her power went off in the middle of the night and she had a heck of a time making her way to the bathroom in the dark. It also shut off her oxygen so she had trouble breathing. As a result she didn't get much sleep. She was happy to see us but looked like she couldn't wait for bedtime. She did get the small oxygen tanks so she claims she will be joining us soon.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

19 ladies attended today. Sue Rei. brought in her finished table runner challenge. She did it in Christmas fabrics, fussy cutting the framed blocks. It was very pretty and reminded many of us that we need to get busy and make our challenge runner. I brought in a tote bag I made in a workshop last week. There was no pattern given out at this workshop--you were just on your own to make it up as you went along. Fortunately, I've made a few tote bags and knew the basic design and I brought along my African fabrics to use so my bag turned out pretty nice even if I do say so myself. Fran gave us an account of her Cuba trip. It sounded really interesting. Too bad it's so hard to get to Cuba. There were a lot of knitters today. Winter is coming, as is Christmas, so stockings, scarves and other warm items will be needed soon. Christmas luncheon has not been decided yet. I hope we have that set next week.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

17 ladies attended today. I brought in my purchases from the International Quilt Festival as well as some fat quarter gifts. I had a great time, spent way too much money and got very sore feet but I'd go back again in a second! Kathy O. got one of her One-block Wonder quilts back from her daughter, the long-arm quilter. It was black and white and red and just beautiful! She also brought in her picture of her daughter with Linda Crannell and her sister Chris. Some of us know the Crannell girls as granddaughters of Betty Smith. It's really nice for Kathy's daughter and for Linda and Chris to have a friend from their old hometown where they are currently living. Edie Martin brought in about 10 quilts for Marguerite to take to Albany med for the terminally ill patients. Edie is a very productive quilter. We were all very impressed. Cathy M. is in the hospital today getting a pacemaker. Our thoughts are with her. Deb was back after a bad bout of fibromyalgia. And Pat L. is walking better every week. She didn't even have her cane with her this week. We still have had no sight of Fran. I'm still waiting to hear about Cuba. Maybe next week.