Wednesday, January 06, 2016

13 ladies attended yesterday. We were very happy to have Tina back after her knee surgery. We also had 2 ladies who left for the summer and hadn't been back since. We're glad they're back. And our old friends Linda and Pat L. came down from the hills to join us again. So we had a very nice group with lots of catching up to do. Elaine brought in her placemats for some further instruction. I happened to have brought in some of my placemats to work on so was ready to help her. Sue kindly brought me a couple of potholders she had made from some fabric I gave her. They are very nice. Fran reported that Cathy M. has sprained an ankle. We haven't yet heard from Cathy Y. regarding her surgery. I reminded everyone of our upcoming quilt and craft show. I hope everyone is getting ready for that because it is coming up soon. I have to get busy on my table runner!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Yesterday we were a small group--only 6 of us. We had a nice little chat though and Elaine made great progress on her Christmas placemats cutting out the backing and batting. I brought in some placemats I had made from scraps from my more recent projects. JoAnne brought in some giveaways given to her by a friend. They are in the closet until we have more people to offer it to.
Last week was our Christmas lunch. We had a small group for it too. There were only 10 of us. Joyce came in later and demonstrated how to make a couple of Christmas ornaments. We have way too many members who are at home recuperating right now, but our little group does seem to be shrinking. Hopefully at our open house in February we can recruit some new members. At our holiday lunch we exchanged gifts. I got a very nice tea package from Fran. She made a sweet little teacup wall hanging which will go on my kitchen wall. I went home that night and had a nice cup of tea. Jo Anne and Rosalind got each others' gifts. A beautiful basket for Jo Anne and some hand made cards for Rosalind who told us yesterday she had already started using. That's one way to pass on some beauty and good wishes. Joyce played Santa Claus for us by dealing out the presents. She was late so didn't know who brought what. It was very nice. Ethel was also back with tales of her Hawaiian cruise which turned out to be a free cruise! She did have a tale to tell.
Next week we will still be in the holiday period so we may have low turnout again. But I know Diane will finally have a day off work and is already looking forward to coming to Nimblefingers again. It will be nice to see her again. The time is coming to start making firm plans for our open house so get ready ladies... Put on your thinking caps and come up with suggestions to make this a fantastic open house.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

10 ladies attended today. I brought in 3 quilts to sew on binding. Fran was working on a wool candle mat. Jo-Anne was back with her turquoise scarf. Kathy O. was there with no walker, crutches, boot or any other annoying thing on her leg. She is recovering nicely. She was knitting socks. Elaine is making Christmas placemats for her mother. Rosalind is cro-hooking an afghan. Her friend Beverly came today too. She is also a knitter. Agnes had made another of her table runners, this one for Christmas. She's made 3 now. I still haven't made 1. I need to get busy!
Next Tuesday is our Christmas party. We will have a potluck that will begin at 12:30. You can bring a gift (preferably homemade)/take a gift if you choose to participate.
Today I brought in get well cards for Cathy Y. and Tina. Winnie is improving and hopes to be back next week.
Joyce stopped by with lots of lace and Christmas fabric given to her by a neighbor. Most of it went quickly but I still have a bagful in the closet. We'll try again later and if no one wants what's left, I'll take it to the Delmar guild.
I am trying to create listserve, a group email. I sent one out tonight so let me know if you get it. I've never done this before so I don't know if it will work.
Take care and we'll see you next Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I know Tina is at home recuperating and probably getting irritated because I haven't been writing in the Nimblefingers blog. Sorry Tina. Yesterday Kathy O. came in and let us know how Tina was doing. She came in without her walker--she says she's just getting tired of hauling that thing around. Cathy Y. also stopped in for a short time to say hello, pass on a good book she had read and just to let us know that she is still around and thinking of us. She is going to be having surgery in early Dec. Hopefully she'll be back on her feet soon and be able to join us again. Cathy M. is at home and on oxygen . She doesn't like to use the portable oxygen so we may not see her for awhile. I think that's it for our various health worries. Winnie wasn't there yesterday and I'm not sure where she was so I hope she wasn't sick too. My husband has been sick since last Thursday and my back has been hurting for a week now so I'm plenty tired of not feeling well. We all need to recuperate I guess. We've been having such a beautiful fall that at least the weather is cooperating in keeping our moods up.
I brought in 2 quilts I started in workshops last week with the Delmar quilt guild with teacher Lola Jenkins. She is a ghetto black woman whose quilts tell her story. And it was an interesting story--totally different from mine. She really gave us a peek into the black experience in the U.S. Her culture was very different from mine. I personally love learning about other cultures, other experiences so I thought it was great hearing all about it. She was well received  and left feeling welcomed by the group. I enjoyed it and Fran agreed. One of the classes was on thread painting. We did "paint" with thread but also used colored pencils to color our piece. I have never done anything like this before so felt totally like a fish out of water but I persisted and my piece isn't terrible. It was fun making it. I still have a lot of threadwork to do so it's not quite done. The other class was on fabric collage. It was fun too. I completely lost track of time working on this piece. Here you use your scissors as you would a paintbrush combining some different elements to create a landscape.
Ethel brought in an almost finished quilt top that she is making for a granddaughter. She wants to make doll quilts from the scraps of her quilts. She still needs to add a border to this quilt. She has yet another granddaughter for whom she has started a quilt. She showed me pieces of it. She had also finished cross-stitching a couple of holiday pieces. She does very nice work.
Jo-Anne brought in a crocheted afghan that she wanted to start. No, she hasn't finished her pretty blue scarf, she just got tired of working on it.
Sue Reilly is encouraging us to make adult bibs (she prefers calling them shirt protectors). Several people brought in some finished so she almost has the 20 she wants to collect. They will be given to Linda H. to give to the people who come to her senior lunches.
Marguerite brought in a simple little Halloween ghost she had made. We decided that if you just changed the color of the ribbons that it could be a snowman and be used as a Christmas ornament too.
So, to those of you who read the blog: take care.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

We had 15 ladies attend on Tuesday. It was a counting day. We counted the raffle tickets we sold over the weekend ($76 worth). We counted money and how much each person who participated in our quilt sale made ($892 total).We gave the Friends of the Library 10% of what we earned ($90).  I think the sale went pretty well. We had very nice weather and the Friends of the Library were very helpful. Only 6 of us had items for sale but we really filled our little space. Unfortunately there was no way to hang quilts so that people could see the whole thing and we didn't have enough table space to really spread out. Nevertheless, we did okay. I sold the most. I new my ex-boss wanted one of my quilts. She bought it which gave me a big financial boost. Diane and Jo Anne went to the Bennington quilt festival on Saturday. They both came by on Sunday to tell us about the show and Jo Anne brought in her purchases on Tuesday to show us. She bought a really cute 12 days of Christmas cat style panel.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

13 ladies attended today. Several people were back from their summer vacations. Returning were Agnes, Sandie, Carol and Tina. Agnes had news of Kathy O.--she's in a cast now having broken her foot/ankle. Poor Kathy! Marguerite brought in her finished strip quilt top. I had a quilted strip quilt for her to take so we could compare them. Marguerite made hers with smaller squares and narrower strips. She liked mine better, I liked hers better. The grass is always greener...  Tina had made her challenge table runner while away for the summer. Several people have made theirs by now. I am not one of those people though. I still haven't started mine. Sandie and Rosalind were doing cross-stitch today. Marguerite was still working on her prayer shawls. Fran was making hexagons. Sue brought in some odd yarn and tried knitting it but was having trouble and quit. Jean is still working on dish towels. We talked about our sale this weekend. This is the first time we've done this so I hope it works out. We will be at the library Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Other announcements: we are having a Nimblefingers retreat day on Saturday, Sept. 26. 10-5 and the Quiltbug on Route 146 will give our group 10% of all purchases made by members if you just mention upon purchasing that you belong to Nimblefingers.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

12 ladies attended today--the most all summer! Cathy M. came in. We were all very happy to see her again. She has been out all summer. Jo-Anne assured her that she was still working on the same scarf so Cathy hadn't missed anything.  Pam came in with a t-shirt quilt to lay out and pin. Her friend had been in a lot of plays so the t-shirts were from those plays. She will be very happy with her quilt I think. Joyce also came in for awhile. I haven't seen her for awhile so I updated her on my eye troubles.   Betty brought in some sinfully rich Paula Deen cookies. Needless to say, they were yummy. She also brought in her newspaper comic boxes to show. They were cute little gift boxes but looked a bit complicated to make. Fran was knitting a scarf from some particularly beautiful ribbon-type yarn. I was cutting circles our of paper for the demonstration I will be giving at the Village Quilter meeting on Thursday. Rosalund was working on her cross-stitch while Jean was making dishtowels. Shirley S. also stopped by to ask about our sale at the library booksale. She has some things she wants to bring in for that. It was a nice day, particularly nice to see Cathy up and about again.