Tuesday, February 26, 2008

19 ladies today. We took down the quilt show. It is always so much easier to take down than it is to put up. Kathy O. brought in a quilt to sandwich. Our 2 new members each brought in a quilt to show us. Debbie brought in an antique appliqued quilt made by her husbands' grandmother. She wanted advice on how to wash it. Fran was going to supply her with the proper soap. Connie brought in a maroon log cabin she had made. They were both lovely. Mary Beth Burrill and her daughter Margaret came in looking for advice on how to make a quilt out of various zebra fabrics. MaryAnn M. and I got them started. Cathy Y. taught us how to cast on yarn for knitting so that the end won't roll. And a few people came in with blocks made for the Forest Dream quilt we plan to make. We will work on it some more next week. Also next week we will learn how to make a bug jar block. The Junior Nimblefingers will be meeting on Sat. March 8th and they will make a bug jar block so hopefully some of the ladies will help out with the kids.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today we went to the Home Front Cafe for lunch. 14 ladies. We had a very nice time. Cindy Pollard, the owner, gave us a special treat telling us the story of the flag hanging in the restaurant. The Home Front is definitely a very special place. Betsy brought in a quilt she had just had quilted--by Kris Zimmer. It was a heart quilt in beautiful soft pinks. She's giving it to her daughter who I'm sure will be thrilled! I don't really know what all of the conversations going on around the table were, the only one I know about is the one I had with Hattie. We discovered that her son just purchased the house next door to the house I used to live in! It's a small world!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yesterday we had 16 ladies attend--2 new ladies who had attended our Open House and decided to come try us out. WelcomeDebbie and Connie! They are both knitters so we had a nice little group at the end of the table with their needles flying! Agnes had brought in some fabric some time ago and Catherine D. had given us more patterns, magazines, etc., which I got out to see if people would take. I did get rid of some (of course, I took a bunch). Yesterday was also a big show-and-tell day. Agnes, Cathy M., Winnie and Kathy O. had all made the 6 hour quilt that Kathy O. demonstrated last week. It's always fun to see different variations of the same quilt. Agnes also brought in a small quilt she had made from one of her husbands old shirts--it had antique cars on it. Quilters are good recyclers. And Fran had put together a large yellow brick road quilt for which her daughter had made the squares. Remember that next week we will be going to lunch at the Home Front at 12:00! I'll call ahead so they expect us.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Today was a big day! We held our Open House and about 50 people attended including some old members we haven't seen in awhile and some new faces that I hope will come again. Kathy O. demonstrated Kaye Wood's 6 hour quilt. She came close to finishing the one she started after only 2 hours. We had lots of goodies to eat and friendly talking. It was wonderful to see our friends Katherine "the cat lady" Denegar and Anne Bave again! Many thank you's to their chauffeurs! Lew Schedlbauer, the Quiltsmith, brought in my latest quilt--a large all triangles quilt. I pieced the top and Lew quilted it for me. It's beautiful even if I do say so myself! I was glad that it was able to make it to our show. Thank you and congratulations to all of my talented ladies: you do beautiful work and you are a great bunch of ladies to have as friends! We all had a good time this afternoon as we do every Tuesday but it's nice to share this bit of joy with others on this special occasion. Thank you to all who attended. I'll add some pictures as they become available.