Wednesday, March 24, 2010

18 ladies attended today. Director Gail Sacco brought in one of her knitting friends (and the scarf this friend had made for her) to join us so we had a new person, plus the two new ladies from last week attended again today. One of them, Pam, brought in all the fabric for a queen-size quilt in the Hidden 9-patch II pattern. She worked with Kathy Olsen and they cut and sewed to get started on this quilt. Pam had some beautiful batiks to work with so I'm sure it will be an amazing quilt. We were treated to a great show-and-tell today. Cathy M. brought in a quilt made with all oriental fabric. It is for her son who was married in Japan and likes all things Japanese. It was a truly beautiful quilt. Then Marie brought in a utility quilt (her words). It was a true scrap quilt made of polyesters. It was tied with the ties encased in yo-yos, 56 of them to be exact. She's made 2 of these quilts. Marie is a busy beaver--she brought in that beautiful, complex crocheted tablecloth just a couple of weeks ago and now 2 quilts! She's pretty amazing. I set up a sewing machine and sewed together the sampler top for Daryl. I hope that next week we can lay it out and tie it. I hope we can finish it before Daryl comes back. Mary Ann M. brought in her finished music quilt to show us. Then she showed us her Sudoku quilt she is making plus another of her picture quilts entitled "It takes a village". Both are going to be really neat. I look forward to seeing the finished work. Mary Ann also brought in some delicious apple cake. Yummy!

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Thanx for all the great pix, Julie! Margot